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This blog was originally intended to be a way for me to publish stories about my ancestors as part of the #52 Ancestors challenge. The focus has now changed and is intended to explore the challenges of my genetic research. I hope to do 52 ancestors in time, not necessarily per annum!! For more information about me and this site, please go to about this site.

Click on the DNA Research tab to find more general information about DNA research Tips, Tools and Techniques, including my new blog ‘Genemonkey Explains’!

Contents of the blog

Contents of this site

Click on the links below to go to each post. If you are looking for specific posts relating to any of my family names, location or DNA test types please use the categories in the drop down menu, where specific surnames, places and DNA test types can be selected.  The search bar also provides additional options.

  1. About this site.  First published 2014
  2. An Historic Event, 52 Ancestors DNA confirmed. First published 5th Nov 2016.
  3. Meet Catherine Britton, thanks to the X chromosome. First published 4th April 2017.
  4. Stephen Cassidy or Captain Rock? First published 8th November 2017.
  5. The mysterious Mr Courtenay?  First published 5th January 2018.
  6. Which Noll is it?  First published 10th January 2018.
  7. The Cassidy Matriarch – Mary Sweeney.  First published 22nd January 2018.
  8. Edward Roberts – Born in India or England?  Fact or fancy?  First published 17 November 2018.
  9. Reuniting the Britton family – our ‘unnamed’ Britton Patriarch.  First published 25 June 2020.
  10. John Coat – The South Australian Immigrant. First published 7 July 2020.
  11. How is Thomas Paice of Kingsclere related to Silas Cole, the convict? First published 1 March 2021.
  12. Establishing the origins of my Sweeney family. John Sweeney of Rathclooney. First published 17 Sep 2021.
  13. Finally, I Think I’m a MacNamara! First published 9 Dec 2021.

My genealogical research and outcomes of my genetic research are being progressively published on Wikitree.  Please use the links back to Wikitree profiles to access details about sources and references used in my blog posts.  You can also find more details about my genealogical tree and confirmed genetic branches at Wikitree – this will take you to my pedigree and for my DNA Research Summary, click here.

Those familiar with my family research will know my greatest nemesis is Arthur George Courtney, the subject of post 5 above. I have now created a research blog to document all aspects I have researched in the hope to find someone out there who may be able to help. You can access the blog here – Finding George Courtney c1835.

I have also identified a need to publish some limited DNA instructional and historical material that you can find under the DNA Research tab. My DNA Research Methodology post was first published in January 2021. A new DNA instructional blog was created in May 2021 to support the autosomal analysis program I am presenting for the Society of Australian Genealogists – Genemonkey explains.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me via this blog or by private message at Ancestry, Wikitree or Facebook.