About this site

This blog was created way back in 2014 and was intended to be a way for me to publish stories about my ancestors and to also contribute to the #52Ancestors challenge.  I’m a bit behind, but that’s life!  I have now decided to focus this blog on the challenges of my genetic research.  I hope to do 52 ancestors in time, not necessarily per annum!!

I have been working on my own genealogy since about 2006 and became addicted quite quickly. I had read about DNA testing but at that time only the ydna and mtdna tests were available.  In 2010 when FTDNA released the Family Finder product I was quick to sign up as I had been keen to try to verify several theories associated with my ancestry and have been working obsessively with my results ever since.

In 2011, I completed a Certificate in Genealogical Research with the Society of Australian Genealogists whilst I was living in a remote parts of Australia: Katherine, Alice Springs and Darwin. In 2015, as a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists, I started co-ordinating a DNA Research Group based in Sydney, to help increase my knowledge of the fascinating field of genetic genealogy.  I am the co-administrator for the FTDNA Coats Surname Project, co-ordinating the Family Finder (autosomal) results for the project and I was also recently appointed the new DNA co-ordinator for the Cassidy Clan.

I manage two other blogs on WordPress:

  • DNA Sydney – An information and discussion forum for members of the Society of Australian Genealogists  DNA Research Group;
  • rayver33 Here and There – Mainly an overseas travel blog, but it also incorporates ‘The NT Sea Change’, ’40 places you must see before you die’ and the ‘Harness Pilgrimage’.

The featured image for the blog was taken in Enniskillen Fermanagh, Ireland in 2011. The ancestral home of my CASSIDY family.

My genealogical research and outcomes of my genetic research are being progressively published on Wikitree.  Please use the links back to Wikitree profiles to access details about sources references used in my blog posts.  See my chromosome map at DNA Painter. You can also find more details about my genealogical tree and confirmed genetic branches at Wikitree by clicking here. 

You can find a full list of blog posts under the menu item Contents of this site at the top of this page.  Or use the categories drop down menu, where specific surnames, places and DNA test types can be selected.  The search bar also provides additional options.

If you wish to receive email notifications for new posts to this blog, please select the ‘follow’ button on the top left hand side of the screen.


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