My Family

The following chart outlines my family tree, with lines to my great grandparents all DNA confirmed. See my full DNA confirmed summary at the end of this page.

Access this dynamic tree on the Wikitree site by clicking this link. For a full tree showing up to 254 ancestors please click here.

Similar charts for each of my surname lines can be accessed by clicking on the relevant surname below:

  • My Fathers paternal lines – Coat, Richards, Hewlett, Leaker, Anger, Lloyd, Coggan, Wilkins, Jeffrey, Perry, Collins, Davis, Combes, Bosgrove, Hoskins, Sherrin, Craddock, Staple, Shearman, Stacy, Lee. Bradley, Hines, Clayton, Chester, Nelmes, Austin, Wilton, Vaughn, Nouth, Price. Locations: South Australia, England: Somerset, Middlesex, Kent, Bristol, Gloucestershire.
  • My Fathers maternal lines – Noll, Wohling, Zimmermann, Wedding, Teltau, Schmidt, Heinrich, Naeschke. Griffin, Ellard, Coates, Brotherton, Stephens, Swift, Risley, Elstone, Bunter, Lilies. Locations: South Australia, Prussia (Tucheim), England: Cambridgeshire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Surrey, Devon.
  • My Mothers paternal lines – Roberts, Laundon/Launder, Tweed, Lee, Day, Richardson, Smith, Cave, Baylis, Price, Pears, Higgs, York, Merrefield, Ashmead, Eycott, Rainolds, Walker, Pearry, Hull. Courtney, Paice/Payce, Parker, Monk/Munk, Carpenter, Skeat, Bird, Aburrow, Hinxman, Pitty, Aslatt, Leach. Locations: England: Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Hampshire, Middlesex.

Table of DNA confirmed ancestry (using segment analysis) – as at 20 May 2020

For more information on these DNA confirmations, please refer to My DNA Story page on Wikitree.

View my ever expanding chromosome map at DNA Painter, by clicking here.